onHHow to find your way around the Rubicon Trail:
GPS coordinates and maps for the important points on the Rubicon Trail

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GPS coordinates and maps for the important points on the Rubicon Trail


Sure, there are books and maps on the Rubicon available - but every summer I meet folks that are lost on the trail. They have book and map in hand but still have no clue where they are. I figured that only GPS coordinates will tell exactly where to go. I used 2 topo maps with reference points (sorry, kinda big files) - you can download them using the following links Map 1 (3.2 Mb) Map 2 (1.3 Mb)

start (Loon Lake)
N 39 oo.214
W120 18.756

start 2 (Wentworth Springs)
N 39 oo.769
W120 20.372
A Gatekeeper (map1)
N 39 oo.322
W120 18.492

Granite Bowl
N 39 oo.453
W120 18.455
B (point on map1)
N 39 oo.778
W120 18.449

C intersecting original trail
N 39 o1.143
W120 18.510
Walker Rock start
N 39 o1.343
W120 17.447

Walker Rock end
N 39 o1.291
W120 17.378
Little Sluice split

N 39 o1.247
W120 16.538

Little Sluice bypass
N 39 o1.229
W120 16.477
Little Sluice start
N 39 o1.220
W120 16.488

Little S bypass of bypass
N 39 o1.243
W120 16.467

Little Sluice end
N 39 o1.173
W120 16.356

Little S end bypass of bypass
N 39 o1.184
W120 16.340
F back entrance to Spider Lake (private property!)
N 39 o1.063
W120 16.223

G start split Old Sluice/Granite Slab
N 39 oo.829
W120 16.004
H end split Old Sluice/Granite Slab
N 39 oo.425
W120 15.701

I Buck Island Lake Dam
N 39 oo.321
W120 15.291
J pass 6534 ft
N 39 oo.279
W120 14.800

K Big Sluice start
N 39 oo.240
W120 14.658
L Big Sluice end
N 39 oo.340
W120 14.667

bridge over Rubicon River
N 39 oo.754
W120 14.689
Rubicon Springs water source
N 39 o1.070
W120 14.750

Cadillac Hill start
N 39 o1.813
W120 15.123
Cadillac Hill end
N 39 o1.812
W120 14.908

Observation Point
N 39 o2.075
W120 15.217
M end of rough stuff
N 39 o2.010
W120 14.237

N split Barker Pass/Tahoe
N 39 o2.232
W120 13.340
Staging area (not on map)
N 39 02.756
W120 10.087

Tahoma (not on map)
N 39 o3.740
W120 08.800

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