how to get to the Rubicon Trail

Rubicon Trail GPS access roads

A If you have never been to the Rubicon Trail, it might be hard to find. Not a single sign points towards the Rubicon Trail. Not in Georgetown (the self proclaimed Gateway of the Rubicon), not on HWY 50 and not in Tahoma (Lake Tahoe).

Here are the roads from Georgetown, Placerville or Lake Tahoe that will lead to one of the several trail heads.

free GPS download (kmz - Google Earth)

free GPS download (gpx - universal)

Please note: the document has tracks way in excess of 500 waypoints - if you load them directly to your GPS, they will be truncated. These tracks are intended to help you find the Rubicon Trail easier. Print them on paper (Google Earth etc) and carry them with you - or memorize at home.