Rubicon Trail GPS waypoints

Rubicon Trail GPS waypoints

To know the names and locations of the famous spots on the trail is kinda cool. Like Chappie Rock or Scout Hole. Never heard about them? Now you can locate them. New ones pop up on occasion and others are forgotten over time. I made an effort to locate most and name them correctly - let me know where I am off.

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How most of the locations got their names.

Some of the sections on the Rubicon Trail were manned by the same helpers (Rock Rollers) year after year during the Jeepers Jamboree. So, that's how Walker Rock was nemed after Chuck Walker (America's first Jeep dealer). Chappie Rock was named after Congressman Eugene Chappie.
Some spots were named after broken down and left behind vehicles (Scout Hole, Cadillac Hill) - the Scout is gone, the Cadillac is still there.
Or the challenge of the location lead to a name (V-Rock, Sluice Box). No clue how Soup Bowl got its name though.

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